“He has made everything beautiful in its time” ~ Ecclesiastes 3:11

The lives of my husband’s parents and my parents were intertwined since their childhood, long before we were born. They grew up in the same little town, and moved to the same big city once they married and started their own families. Despite the closeness of our families, Ricky and I never met early in life as I was sent to school abroad. Three years ago, a little nudge from our parents sent Ricky my way. We connected online as we lived in different cities. Despite the long-distance relationship, we both knew we would be together in the end. Our love blossomed and we have been married since November 2019. We are so grateful every day for this gift of marriage and continuously learning what it means to be a good life partner for each other.



Romantic, elegant, light-filled, honest – that’s how my clients have described my work.

I intentionally craft images that are distinctive and polished with an ethereal quality. Through my understanding of light, composition and the natural qualities of your setting, I’m able to tell your story in a way that feels authentic, not staged.



I choose both digital and film photography as my creative medium. I love the classic, dreamy look and feel of film photography. It enables me to carefully preserve all the rich detail, colour and emotions in their truest form.

Digital photography is perfect for low light, indoors and capturing those fleeting moments that take your breath away. I seamlessly harness the advantages of both mediums to document your most precious memories.