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Just as each one of us is unique, no two stories are ever the same. I am devoted to capturing your genuine connections and unique story thoughtfully because your memories deserve to live on. All your emotions are welcome and safe with me.

With my personalised client experience, you will have a hand to guide and hold you as you start a new chapter in life. That means professional and reliable service from the very first meeting, and a relaxed and fun atmosphere that makes you feel secure, comfortable and natural in front of the camera so you can truly shine. 

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Romantic, elegant, light-filled, honest - that’s how my clients have described my work.

Combining photojournalism, refined compositions, and understanding of the natural qualities of your setting, I'm able to tell your story in a way that feels authentic, not staged, whilst allowing you to be fully present amongst those you love. I intentionally and artfully craft images with distinctive and  ethereal quality so you receive meaningful photographs that inspire you for years to come. 

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Using both digital and film photography, I’m able to find the magic and mystery, the wonder and awe in a glance, a gesture, a moment between two souls. I love the classic, dreamy look and feel of film photography. It enables me to carefully preserve all the rich detail, colour and emotions in their truest form. Digital photography is perfect for low light, indoors and capturing those fleeting moments that take your breath away. I seamlessly harness the advantages of both mediums to document your most precious memories. 

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I yearn to create images that speak to the heart. Images beyond perfect poses and pretty details. Those with richer meanings and are created to honour heritage, and celebrate moments and connections that shape us.

- Aliki








Serving couples and families in Sydney & Australia wide.